Solution for Aging Hair

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Say no more gray hair in between professional color sessions! Tracy Hill with Lavender Hill Colour found a cure for all of us. The Gray Hair Defuser does work. In only 5 minutes my annoying gray hairs disappeared. Not sure what the trick is – I think the powder simply covers the gray a strong color that blends in with your hair. So when buying a product, make sure to select the appropriate color.



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This is what I beg for all the hairstylist  “…can you cut my hair so I have some volume on my head!!!”

It’s a request, plea, and my cry since I remember!

And since I remember I have been searching for the magic product that will add volume to my hair.

Here is a few that I found:

1. Versatile Spray Wax (sherry gilderoy salon)

available in Evolution Salon (Lemmon Ave. Dallas)

2. Biogel Mousse (sherry gilderoy salon)

available in Evolution Salon (Lemmon Ave. Dallas)

3. Full thickening cream – it really works!!!

4. Redken volume guts 10 – amazing

Perfect Eyebrows

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A short hair-do reduces the options to hide facial imperfections.  In fact, it requires constant maintenance of your  eyebrows or at least keeping them clean even if their shape is a bit off.

Many rave about waxing, but I am a big advocate of threading for several reasons:

1. Better for your skin – less contact with the skin, no irritation or “redness”; threading does not remove the top layer of the skin as waxing does

2. Beautiful shape

3. No risk of getting wax burns

4. No risk of being left without an eyebrow all together (when on accident, your beautician removes it all…)

Since threading originated in India, I decided to skip the upscale beauty/spa salons and try a simple place in India-town.

Heena’s Boutique (123 S. Central Expwy, Richardson, TX) is not your typical posh place, but the beauticians know their trade very well and do an amazing job without charging a lot for it. You can get your eyebrows threaded for $5 only.

A Sweet Couple

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by Bumble&Bumble. I use both products for my short hair. Love them.

~ VB

Time to Become Clean

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… or to buy a new shampoo. It is my belief that our hair, just like any living organism, gets used to a specific product, becomes bored and stops reacting to it.

I have been using L’oreal’s Kerastase line for a year, when I realized that its Volumizing Shampoo no longer had control over my hair.  Not that the product was not good – on the contrary, it is one of the best on the market. It was my hair that was craving for something new.

I like the ideals that L’oreal builds  its collections on, so I decided to explore the Professional world a bit more and tried Vitamino Color Shampoo.  It enriches the hair fibre and provides shine for colored hair. The shampoo removes that oily affect and more importantly my hair doesn’t demand an every day wash.  Even the color lasts longer due to an antioxidant vitamin E derivative, activated wheat proteins and amino acids.

The product is made in Spain – not that I have anything against other countries, but Europeans don’t recall their merchandize  as often as some other nations.

The products are available either at the hair salons or online.  It’s not necessarily your 4$ shampoo, but you know what – you are worth spending a few extra dollars.

~ VB

Happy Powdering!

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If your mornings become hellish because of thin straight short hair that is almost impossible to style, I recommend checking out B&B’s hair powder.

It really does magic. Adds volume, removes that oily appearance and more importantly makes the do last all day! B&B took the product to the next level and created a spray powder that is easy to apply. It does not discriminate against blonds, brunettes, or reds – comes in different colors to satisfy us all.

The product can be purchased directly from the Bumble&Bumble website. It currently is running a promotion of free shipping + free samples (promo code: BLOWDRY). For those who like to buy products from a store, B&B can be found at any AQUA Medical Spa

~ VB

She’s Got the Look

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Discovering a perfect hair style is like finding a perfect mate. You experiment, search for an ideal stylist, go through the heartaches and breakups with the hair salons, and in the process not only you develop your own style, but also learn what fits you fits you best.

Short hair suits my personality and I’ve had it cut for quite a long time.  The most challenging part is to find products that compliment your look and that someone who can create magic (not to confuse with Halloween) on your head.

I changed three hair salons within last year.  I actually know what cut I want, and believe that I may have found a stylist in Dallas who finally was able to do so.

Sherry Gilderoy specializes in makeovers and works for Evolution Hair Salon. I only had one session, but my hair enjoyed the results.  Sherry was the first in Dallas to realize that my thin and fine hair should be cut dry with scissors only (I’ve had some fools cutting it with a razor!). She chose a hair color that complimented my skin adding natural appearance. Looking pretty so far…

Her services are rather costly, but I believe that hair satisfaction (and my inner peace)  is worth the dollars spent.

~ VB